This is my portfolio, a collection of my work, passions, interests, and achievements.


My current resume as of 9/7/2021.

My Personal Site

Where you are currently! I created this site as a way to present myself and show some of the sites, and photos I have taken. It originally started as a required online portfolio for a photography class, but I decided to stick with it, and update it and build it to what it is now. The landing page is the main hub, and then links to my portfolio of work (this site), and my photography portfolio (update coming soon).


The website I created as team-lead of the website team for UW Madison's hyperloop team- Badgerloop. This website is hosted on a VM running Ubuntu 18 server and apache in the Computer Sciences data center. This was needed because this site is the first I have made dynamic, rather than static. Since Badgerloop uses Slack for all communication, the contact form connects to the Slack API and sends form submissions to a Slack channel, as well as populating fields in a Google Sheets spreadsheet for record management. Many of the page are also populated using data stored in a MongoDB running on the server as well. One other useful feature is utilizing PostFix as an SMTP mail server that sends out an HTML email to a user upon submission of the form inquiring abut joining, in which we send them the membership packed for more information. All this backend is coded using Node.js.

To maintain the pages on the Badgerloop site, member only CRUD pages were created and users can be granted access to, again using Slack, as the authentication method. The Slack API checks to see if the member is in one of the authorized invite only channels, and if so they are allowed to edit the page. This web app is built on Node.js and Express. It uses Handlebars.js as the templating engine, Mongoose for mongodb object modeling, Multer for uploads, and Passport to aid with the Slack Authentication. This app is hosted on the same server, and allows members of all teams to edit our dynamic pages by updating the database-- without needing to contact a website team member. This page also combines our bill of materials application. More here.

Graphics Programming

Recently I took a CS class in computer graphics (CS559), a class that focused on how to write graphics programs and implement graphics ideas with web programming. The class worked in JavaScript using the 2D Canvas API (and a little SVG) as well as 3D programming using THREE.js and finally some graphics hardware programing with WebGL and GLSL. I did not anticipate enjoying this class as much as I did, and loved the opportunity to further develop my web programing skills and JavaScript experience, while being creative, and learning completely new graphics concepts. Computer graphics is such a fascinating, involved, and applicable subject that I never really appreciated. This class really opened my eyes to this whole side of computer science, and was a really nice change of pace being able to be more creative while still programming and writing code. Check out some of the cool things I was able to make!


One of the very first sites I ever made! This was the project for the 2016-17 BPA Website Design Competition, and won 2nd place in the nation for the event. It was made by me, and three other friends. They managed the content, and I took care of making the actual website and coding/hosting. The topic given was DIY projects, so we decided to do it on something we all loved, computers! We made four different tutorial pages, each on a different computer building related subject. We also made a contact page, which has a distinctively different look to emphasize the different purpose it serves, communication rather than learning. I am very proud of this site because I think the colors are unique and bold, but work very well together. Also, the work that went into writing all of the pages is something I take pride in, we made a legitimate guide for people in the process of making a website for a competition. The water-cooling page (which is the one I wrote, is extremely long, and detailed. It required a lot of research and work to complete, and is very thorough in my opinion. In this site, I also went crazy with details, and took it upon myself to learn all these little pieces that could make the site better, and implement them. Here is a list of such features:

  • Custom print view that omits certain elements to make printing easier, done in CSS without needing to use some special print button
  • A custom designed app logo if website is added to a home-screen on an iOS device
  • A custom preview that is using the open graph protocol, so if it is linked in an iMessage or on Twitter a full-size preview will be displayed
  • Custom scroll effect
  • Custom highlight color

BPA Cares

The second year project for BPA, which also made it to nationals and placed 2nd again. This was with the same group for the most part, and also made with the same process. This was a more strict requirement, with exact pages and information that had to be included. The task was to redesign the official BPA cares site, here. This was very interesting, and different to me. It needs a different mindset, to think how the information could be reorganized and presented in a different way. We really tried to simplify the pages, and make all the pertinent information stand out, and I think we accomplished that.

Techly Consulting

This is my most recent site, and is currently under construction. I created it for a business venture that me and a friend are pursuing.

Metro Anesthesia Services

A website I was hired to create for a local Twin Cities anesthesia clinic.

Other Interests and Passions


What this site is all about! I love photography and have ever since getting a point-and-shoot camera in 5th grade. This was my first real experience with photography and I have loved it ever since. The photo at the top of the cactus was actually taken on that camera way back then! Click here to see my full portfolio!

Stock Market

Ever since reading and watching The Big Short I have become increasingly interested in the stock market. I love looking at, researching, and buying stocks. I am also getting into ETFs, options trading, and now the FOREX market as well. Additionally, with the surge of Cryptocurrencies I had a little case of FOMO and had to dip into that as well.

Website Design

What got me started with coding, and created my love for developing. I love web design so much because it combines the aspect of coding with graphic design, and visual arts. It is not just typing all day to get some more words types out, you get to create a beautiful site.


What I am doing now almost all day, everyday! I am currently working as a software engineer intern and getting to learn so many new technologies, tools, concepts, and principles. Not to mention, gaining experience developing on a large team, agile methodologies, and seeing the code development cycle all the way through to production. In my free time I enjoy learning new languages by creating fun, and useful projects for myself.