Grand Teton National Park

The following images were taking during a family vacation to many of the central western national parks. Grand Teton national park was stop number four, right after Yellowstone in 2013. I had high expectations for the Tetons, especially after Yellowstone. The first day when we arrived the mountains were obscured and I was less than impressed. Later however, the mountains peeked through and the true beauty was clear. It truly is a special place. Yellowstone is much flashier with the geysers and hot springs, but this was simple nature at it’s finest. The mountains majestically posted in the background of all shots, and the incredibly clear reflective lakes. It truly is a peaceful and harmonious park whose sheer beauty cannot be understated. Mormon row was especially beautiful, with the mountains serving as picturesque backdrop. It was very cool to see all the bison in the area as well. Snake river was a really awesome spot, made famous by Ansel Adams. Hard to photograph due to the fact of trees growing too tall, but amazing at sunset nonetheless. Sunsets were as good as it got for us because I was too lazy to wake up and get into the park for the rise. Two of the lakes featured below were also highlights, I have always wanted to capture one of those perfect reflections in a lake, and these were ideal. Overall Grand Tetons was incredible, and pure joy for any photographer.