Creative Still Life Project

This project was really exciting for me because it forced me to work outside my normal comfort zone and experiment with techniques previously foreign to me. My typical style of shooting is landscape photography, and moving to take pictures of object in a controlled environment is completely different. It was very interesting to experiment with the positions in which the object were arranged, and also the lighting. I enjoyed being creative with it, and had fun placing the objects on a backlit drawing table to achieve a unique lighting effect. I also really liked being able to use the black seamless, which I think complimented my objects very well and makes them blend into the background. This project was so fun because it really amplifies who I am. I love technology, and Apple products are my biggest passion. I thoroughly enjoy the amazing industrial design they embody, and being able to capture that was something I have always wanted to do. The design of the products and how they work together is what I was trying to convey, and I believe the combination of macro shots to really focus in on the details, combined with far-out shots of the products together really shows a good range. The black seamless allowed me to bring to focus on the objects, and eliminate the background to make a really simple and clean look. Overall this project was something I have always been doing in way, as I take pictures of each new product I buy. However, that is usually on my phone and it was great to finally get some high-quality photographs taken in a more professional scenario that were better able to convey my passion for them.