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Geforce graphics card

Project 1

How to Build a Custom PC

A step by step guide on how to build your own custom PC that is personal, upgradable, and powerful.

fans pic

Project 2

Guide to Upgrading your PC

So you have a sick new PC but it is starting to show it's age and you don't know where to start. Learn what to upgrade to provide the most meaningful impact on performance, and how to perform those upgrades.

green watercooled build

Project 3

Make a Custom Water cooling Loop for your PC

The ultimate guide to water cooling your own custom water cooling loop. Building your own loop is the perfect way to upgrade your newly build PC to the next level and unlock it's true performance; in addition to adding a custom flair and an awesome aesthetic.

sleeved cables pic

Project 4

Custom Cable Sleeving

Custom cables can take a powerful PC to a powerful and beautiful one. Custom sleeving your own cables is a relatively simple project and also makes your PC flow and match in a stunning way.

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We are a few students from Wayzata High School who have a passion for building computers. We are competing in Website Design Team for BPA which stands for Business Professionals of America and contains competitions designed to challenge students and teach them valuable business skills.

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