Light Refraction

These photos were taken using various. Light refraction techniques, and prisming. Prisming involves using a glass prism to reflect and refract light in unique ways. These photographs are intended to be mostly esoteric and not clear on what they portray. The first image is some interesting patterns formed through the prism with a light shining through, which was all positioned within two mirrors. The resulting effect really interested me, and reminded me of the famous Pink Floyd album cover. In the second photo, it is more clear that this is focused on a glass filled with water, but I really loved the lines created by the mirrors, and the color in the rainbows below it. The last image is a glass reflection on a pattern. Overall what worked best was shining light through the prism, and also rotating it around until you get an interesting effect. My favorite part of this was learning that you can actually create some pretty engaging and interesting photographs. The prism allows you to "superimpose" other images on top of the subject your camera is actually pointing at, and that is really cool to me.